Thank you for coming to the Introductory seminar of the Feldenkrais Method – Bodycentric


A great day at Bodycentric and a great thanks to all the students who came for this introductory seminar of the Feldenkrais Method: we have made three very interesting ATMs starting making the spine flexible, then Training the Flexors – “Elbow to Knee” and we ended with the third ATM: “Rolling to Sit” in which we have learned to get to sit in an effortless and easy way.

Thanks for the feedbacks that I received from the students.

I hope to see you soon again for an other workshop.

For more information for future activities please contact Σοφία Χατζηρβασάνη

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Can the Feldenkrais Method® help me with back and neck pain?

Back pain

Through the ATM and FI lessons you become aware of your tendency of making inefficient movements that are responsible for many types of pain that we usually feel: back pain, neck pain, knees pain, joints pain are all expressions of a not efficient use of our body. In order to stop this important signal that something in our body doesn’t work very well we have to learn new patterns, new alternative movements that will help, at the beginning, to have a better understanding of the inefficient use our body and then to introduce new efficient, effective and functional ways to move. This will be the beginning of the healing process that will bring us to a total recovery or an evident reduction (at the beginning) from pain.

By Massimo Galli