How can the The Feldenkrais Method® help people with scoliosis?


The Feldenkrais method® is based on the evidence that everyone has a different type of intelligence and one of these, mentioned by Feldenkrais as the Kinesthetic intelligence, is responsible for our feeling balanced and coordinated in space. For Feldenkrais scoliosis usually starts in a young age, much before the time in which it expresses itself. Already at the age of 6, under a close examination you can find the precursor of a future scoliosis and it is at this age that the child should start receiving lessons in order to develop this very fine type of intelligence that other children have developed. In any case through the Feldenkrais Method it is always possible to reorganise the posture in a better and more functional way: this means that a student can correct the scoliosis or integrate it in order to make it functional. This will allow one to use the body in a more efficient, effortless and painless way. Besides, the above analysis is true not only regarding scoliosis but also all other possible deviations from the optimal posture (khyphosis, Lordosis, etc).

By Massimo Galli