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Research and the Feldenkrais Method

There is a growing body of research conducted by scientists, scholars, and Feldenkrais practitioners around the world exploring all aspects of the Feldenkrais Method, including its efficacy, applications, theoretical foundations, and more.


Research Bibliography

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(…) for the 158 articles and publications please refer to the official website:

The Feldenkrais® Educational Foundation of North America (FEFNA)
FEFNA supports theoretically grounded research that extends and advances theFeldenkrais Method. To further this work, FEFNA established a Research Committee. In 2005, the committee established the Esther Thelen Research and Education Fund. In the fall of 2011, the Research Committee and the Esther Thelen Fund Subcommittee reorganized into the Esther Thelen Research Committee.

Esther Thelen Research Committee

Chair, Patricia Buchanan, PhD, ATC, PT, GCFT, Toledo, OH, USA

Members, Roger Russell, CFT, PT, Heidelberg, Germany

Jim Stephens, PhD, PT, GCFP, Havertown, PA, USA

Work of the committee includes:

Esther Thelen, Ph.D., G.C.F.P Research and Education Fund
The Feldenkrais® Educational Foundation of North America (FEFNA) established the Esther Thelen Research and Education Fund in 2005.  This fund is named in honor of Esther Thelen, Ph.D., G.C.F.P., developmental psychologist and director of the Infant Motor Development Laboratory at Indiana University from 1985 to 2004. Read more…

Feldenkrais® Science Network

2013 Esther Thelen Research Forum
Here is the presentation from August 27, 2013 Esther Thelen Research Forum,“Improving Action, Smoothing the Road,” by Dr. Patricia Buchanan, sponsored by the Esther Thelen Research Committee and FEFNA at the Feldenkrais Method®Annual Meeting in San Mateo, CA.

2012 Research Symposium “Embodying Neuroscience” featuring Keynote speaker Dr. Michael Merzenich
Video interview with Dr. Michael Merzenich on neuroscience, learning and theFeldenkrais Method. Interviewed by Feldenkrais practitioner and researcher Cliff Smyth:

Research Bibliography
Research articles that have looked at some aspects of the Method.

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IFF Academy Feldenkrais Research Journal
The IFF Academy Feldenkrais Research Journal is a publication of the IFF Academy, a project of the International Feldenkrais Federation.

IFF Research Bibliography:

The Australian Feldenkrais Guild Research webpage: