Back pain

Back pain

Back pain: used generically to describe the sensation of pain in the backBack pain: used generically to describe the sensation of pain in the back.

In spite of the impressive number of treatment options available, most approaches to back pain and related degeneration of this (sciatica, herniated disk, etc) are less than satisfying and the relief is usually not permanent.

Back pain is merely a warning signal that indicates the presence of something wrong or not ideal with the organization of our neuro-muscular system.

The important thing is to go searching the cause that stays behind this signal.

The Feldenkrais method® can be effective in the improvement or the complete resolution of the painful condition.

Back pain is not a single problem but the manifestation of a presence of a postural disorder.

A disorder that is involved in the distribution of loads in the spine, expression of a bad organisation of our neuro-muscular system.

To really understand what is the way of the resolution of the problem we need to understand that:

  • Back pain is not prevented by the strengthening of the muscles of the back
  • The stability of the back rather than the strength of the back prevents your back from back pain and the degenerative problems connected
  • The Feldenkrais Method works on the core of the problem which is to reactivate the antigravitational muscles that are the real responsible of the good posture

Taking away the parasitic efforts within our body and creating a new efficient organization that allows us to use our neuro-muscular system in an ideal way, Back pain will naturally disappear.


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