Problems and Targets

In this menu you can find some of the  most common problems that every human being, in his personal history, may face in life.

Uncomfortable physical condition such as back pain, occasional or chronic knee pain or even more serious spine condition such as never treated scoliosis or kyphosis, a lordosis that can lead to more severe problems such as herniated disc or paralysis.

Sometime even a simple  joint pain, a headaches, a strange and constant feelings of fatigue, sexual difficulties are only signs that something is going wrong, signals that our intelligent body sends us and that can be often the result of a general postural disorganization and imbalance in the way we use our muscles.

Feldenkrais Method works in detail with these issues that are indeed linked to a disorder in our posture and bad habits, condition that we carries on for years and years, before the first sign of trouble starts asking our attention.

I love this tibetan parable that reppresents the concept of Feldenkrais Method®

“A man without awareness is like a carriage whose passengers are the desires, with the muscles for horses, while the carriage itself is the skeleton. Awareness is the sleeping coachman. As long as the coachman remains asleep the carriage will be dragged aimlessly here and there. Each passenger seeks a different destination and the horses pull different ways. But when the coachman is wide awake and holds the reins the horses will pull the carriage and bring every passenger to his proper destination”

Sifu Hayes

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